A, heat shrinkable bags advantages:
1, the contraction in the process of thickening packaging bags, packaging materials more resilient.
2, prevent blood fat infiltration and influence of color and taste.
3, the capillary phenomenon caused by the shrinkage reducing membrane fold.
4, contraction can reduce the oxygen permeability of the packaging bags.
5, when accidentally damaged in the process of distribution, after a contraction packaging is not easy to loosen, so that the product is in a state of relative protection, and reduce the loss.
Second, the contract requirements:
1, use the hot water tank or equipment such as automatic shrink tunnel, the temperature control at 85 °, 90 °.
2, if the water temperature or piping is too hot, may be "burn" meat surface.
3, if the temperature is too low, packing can't normal shrinkage, brings to the product risk,
4, if in use process, regularly check the water temperature.
5, shrinkage, hot water shrinkage after vacuum, first time to "1 ~ 3 seconds.
Scope of application:
Cold fresh meat, fresh, frozen tuna, cheese, with bone cold cattle, sheep and cooked pork meat packing ham and sausage, high-value poultry, seafood, preserved ham, cheese and other packing the best choice.
Product appearance specifications are as follows:
15 um thickness: 50 - such as wire wire wire (5.5 7.5 8.5)
Bag length range: 100-1200 - mm (420/500/650/350/400/700/475), for example
Bag width: 90-500 - mm (180/275/310/300/205/350), for example
Bag sealing form: linear sealing, arc type sealing, sealing side three forms

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