Vision & Values

2019/04/19 13:33
The flexible packaging market is characterised by technical developments and increasing customer requirements. We are ready to face these challenges, leveraging our experience, our expertise and our enthusiasm to always provide our customers with optimum solutions. We consider ourselves as pioneers and lateral thinkers, breaking new ground by conviction in order to optimum solutions. 
All our employees are glad to go the extra mile in order to find and to take new approaches in the packaging industry. We all help to achieve this challenging mission and strive to consequently meet our customers’ demands while also becoming a technological leader. Our international, multifaceted orientation, supported by permanent learning, help us to achieve this.
Schur Flexibles employees stand out for their passionate, pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit as well as for their extensive accountability. They are able to identify and take opportunities, geared to market requirements – for the benefit of our customers and thus finally also to the benefit of our company.
Expertise: The Schur Flexibles Group can tap into a huge pool of knowledge and experience. This opens up new perspectives, saves resources, and gives us a competitive edge.
Reliability: For a company to be able to grow, the trust in this company must be able to grow, too. This is equally beneficial for our customers and our employees.
Sustainability: Ecological and economical sustainability as well as socially responsible behaviour are key to our work. This is our basis to be able to implement our ambitious plans.
Pioneering spirit: We are staying curious and remain open for new solutions, being flexible and adventurous. This is the only way to break new ground and achieve the maximum for our customers and for our Group.  
Ambition: For us, to be good is not good enough. We strive to achieve top performance by tapping our full potential and by always exceeding our expectations.
Anticipation: Recognising customer requirements and problems at an early stage and drawing the right conclusions – this is our mission and our task, and also the foundation for ideal solutions.