Beijing (2019) of meat research meat processing technology a

2019/04/19 11:50

Solstice 28 March 2019 on March 30, 2019 held by the Chinese meat food comprehensive research center of Beijing "meat processing technology and mechanical science and technology week" will be held in meat research center in Beijing.


This is a non-standard exhibition, however, she meat industry in China's influence is huge, is worth us to learn about her, pay attention to her. Said is not standard, is mainly refers to her site is not a specification of the pavilion, is have the aid of meat research center office space adjust measures to local conditions; The exhibition marketing also don't like a lot of domestic and international professional exhibition company, industry association as the specification of the model; Regardless of the form, she attracted a lot of workers, it is indisputable fact that meat industry. At the back pictures of the exhibition hall from us you can feel the growing popularity of the little exhibition.


Meat research exhibition organizers is meat food comprehensive research center in China, the exhibition started early, is have the aid of meat research center of technology power and influence in the industry, according to the meat companies started from the demand for technology and equipment. In all kinds of exhibition at the time, specially for meat industry TTF attending: not yet, meat will use their own office space research center, in the unit in the makeshift simple booth, vacate office into a room, under the condition of no professional exhibition professionals, groping exhibitions, finally developed into the meat product industry in China has a strong influence, popularity of professional exhibition, and getting it, got the favour of the industry, meat research development than China meat association show early for more than ten years.


Meat research show exhibitors additive, mainly meat ingredients production enterprises, and meat machinery equipment enterprise, visitors customers mainly in the north area, the provinces and cities around Beijing is given priority to; Exhibitors from the initial scores, has grown to more than $two hundred this year.